Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Everett Urgent Care Facilities Warn Happy Campers against Chiggers

Summer is almost upon the campers of Wenberg County Park. Although spending the summer days near Lake Goodwin can provide new novel ways of having fun, urgent care facilities in West Everett remind campers to take necessary precautions against the troublesome chigger.

What are chiggers?

Chiggers are a species of mite that live in moist environments, particularly in grassy areas, forests, and near lakes. They are harder to avoid than most bugs and insects found in the wild, as they are barely visible to the naked eye – measuring only 1/150th of an inch. The only way you can positively identify chiggers is if these six-legged red bugs form a large group.

Since chiggers are found in vegetation near ground level where it is humid and moist, it is advised to avoid walking over grassy patches or small plants while camping in Wenberg County Park. Otherwise, you may unknowingly be bitten by a chigger.

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